About us

"Hungry for all things Pinoy"

We started as an information website in 2010 for the Filipino diaspora in the UK. We had a great time (giving away iPod nanos and a ticket to the Philippines!), and hoped that the website was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

 adoborice.com Team

[Best wishes from Al, Ana and Ernest, L-R, in July 2010. We look older now.]

Fast forward 2016...

We have relaunched as an online shop with a variety of Filipino-centric products. We love our heritage and equally passionate about our Motherland and our adopted country. The yearning is much stronger when you are away from home, and as such, we would love to tempt you a dose of home, or near-home, unique products Imelda would want to buy all! 

Say hello and "mabuhay" (long live) to the team.

Contact us

We love to collaborate! If you have something in mind and is still there, nothing will happen so "sige na" (come on) contact us and let's have a chat. Coffee is on me (this is Ernest).


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